4 Spiritually Satisfying Changes to Make

Social distancing is a misnomer. We have been socially distant for some time. We are physically distancing when we extend physical contact. Social distancing, however, has happened for years as we lost our skills to be enriching people to one another. Social distancing is what we do through divorce, custody battles, and breakups. Since life is scrambled right now and many are just beginning to put the pieces back in place, I think we have something of a rare gift. We can address our social distancing by addressing our spiritual distance.

If there was ever a moment to chart a spiritually renewed path, to close the spiritual distance with God, now is that time. Below are 4 spiritually satisfying changes to make before life gets “back to normal”.

  1. Dedicate 15 minutes a day to reading the Bible. Begin in the New Testament, in the Book of Matthew, and continue daily. 15 minutes of reading what God still means and desires for people is soul satisfying and life changing.
  2. Dedicate 15 minutes a day to prayer. Your prayers can follow a simple pattern: praise – provision – forgiveness offered to others – forgiveness for self – guidance – commitment. If you are not accustomed to praying, now is a great time to embed prayer in your new normal.
  3. Talk to someone about your faith. Talking about your faith has never been less intimidating. Some churches are making teleconferencing coaching sessions available. Talking about your faith, where you are and where you would like it to go, is an enriching and enlightening experience. Most pastors and ministers live for the chance to have those faith conversations, so you will be very well received.
  4. Attend a service. It’s never been easier to connect with a church from an impersonal, social distance. In other words, you can check out churches in your area by tuning into their livestream – like this one http://www.canachurch.com – without the uncertainty of a first visit. Of course, now is a great time to visit in-person as well because, at least in Cana’s case, you will know exactly where to go and where to sit.

The global disruption in daily lives is an occasion for you to close the spiritual distance in your life. When the physical distancing lets up, you’ll be on a more satisfying spiritual walk. Plus, the blessing of Christ will be on you – and that is always worth it.

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